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Please be aware that adverse weather conditions may affect whether the cube can be set up.
We will contact you in the event of this but pleae see our Terms & Conditions of Hire for futher details or Get in Touch.
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Click here for our full details on our Conditions of Hire


Please make sure your area is clean and clear of any garden furniture etc.

We need access to electricity and will need at least 2ft clearance aound the cube.

It takes us approx. 45 mins to set up.

Click here for full details on the Cube Set Up Requirements & Surfaces
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No smoking is allowed in the cube. This could damage it and you will be liable for repairs.

Make sure vents aren't covered.

The smoke machine can be switched off at any time.


Please ensure drinks are kept away from the electrical equipment to avoid spills.

The cubes absorb a lot of sound due to being inflatable and with the Velcro door closed even more so but please be conscious of your neighbours and volume of the speakers ( they are powerful) especially later in the night so, your party is enjoyed by everyone without drama!

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Please make sure all your belongings, equipment and any leftover food and drink is removed from the cube.

When your party is over before deflating the cube please switch off all equipment inside the cube and place the equipment indoors somewhere away from any potential rain or adverse weather conditions so that they do not get damaged.

We will reinflate the cube to check that no personal belongings or equipment have been left in the cube and remove all lighting and smoke machine on collection.

Please leave the blower attached to the cube we will remove on collection

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Cancellations, Refunds & Booking Changes

We  want everyone to have an amazing time with their cube and hope that your booking will go ahead as planned but understand life happens.

So, if you  need to change a booking we will try to accommodate you as much as possible,  around any other existing bookings.

If you do need to cancel you will be offered alternative dates first but please remember deposits are non-refundable on cancellations.

If due to adverse weather conditions we cannot carry put the booking we will advise you and offer and alternative date for your booking. Please note bad weather could make the cube unsafe so it is for everyone's benefit as we don't want anyone to be in danger.

In the event of a weather cancellation, if you do not want to rebook and want to cancel you will be refunded the price of the booking less your deposit as deposits are non-refundable.

Please see our full hire terms and conditions for full details or please contact us.
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