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PM Boris Johnson may be scrapping Plan B COVID restrictions to ease the UK back into normalcy, but Brits are refusing to get themselves back into sweaty nightclubs. Ravers up and down the country are instead opting to bring their nights out to their own back gardens as a new “rave inflatable” trend sweeps the nation.

Staffordshire local Sarah Moon provided a bouncier nightclub alternative by setting up her family business UK Rave Inflatables. These 16ft x 16ft inflatable ‘rave cubes’ can be set up in the garden and come with a bluetooth sound system, laser lights, LED lights and a smoke machine to recreate a club atmosphere. Cubes are big enough to fit home bars, DJ booths, and tables full of food.

Sarah explains that these inflatable nightclubs are creating a paradigm shift in club culture in post-COVID society. “There’s been a huge shift in social consciousness. People aren’t as comfortable going to a packed out nightclub standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a room full of 200 strangers. Even without COVID restrictions it just makes sense to bring the best parts of a night out to you and leave the worst parts behind. Inflatable cubes are much more affordable than hiring a marquee, and come with a lot more extras”.

The idea for UK Rave Inflatables came about when Sarah attended a family wedding and felt as if there were huge swaths of people missing out on a “nightclub experience”. “I just thought how nice it would have been to have a space for the aunts and uncles to play their own music and dance. Clubbing doesn’t have to only be for the 18-25 year olds AND inflatables aren’t just for kids'' - so they launched their range of party cubes.

Sarah explains that rave inflatable clubs are suitable for any social function whether it’s a party, festival, or product launch, ''Rave, dance, and sing all in your very own nightclub without leaving your back garden.”

UK Rave Inflatables have rave cubes available for hire across Staffordshire, Southampton, Luton, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.


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