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Planning a Halloween Party? 10 Tips to Make it go with a BOO!

It's not long till the 31st so if you're looking for idea for your party then look no further!

We're going to give you some great #partyinspo and a plan to make your party the freakiest funkiest and scariest in town.

  1. First what date Friday Saturday or even Sunday day this year?

  2. Venue where are you going to hold it, in your back garden, your mates, your gran's the local pub - wherever it is remember that the #ravecubes fit in most as they are 16x16ft check them out to get an idea and read our FAQ .

  3. Next your mates, who are on the A and B list - get sharpening your pencil and make that list. Agree your numbers and remember a cube can fit up to 45 people.

  4. Budget are you going all out supplying food and booze or is it more of a BYO affair

  5. Costume or Clubbing - it doesn't have to be all out facepainting and props - but it helps for Halloween - make sure you let people know though! Some ideas for costumes can be found here 29 Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2021 - Trending Costume Ideas ( and a great one could be bang on trend with #squidgame the masks were super cool as always amazon comes up trumps for this Masked Man Squid Game Masks 2021 TV Cosplay Masquerade Accessories Halloween Props :

  6. Invites - get them sent you can make some yourself to send for free using #canva

  7. Props and Deccies - are you going to spring out of a shallow grave you've dug as your guests arrive surrounding by fake tombstones, pumpkins and skeletons or are you just having some bangin tunes ready? Either way remember the cubes come with a #smokemachine included in the hire so spooky smoke is sorted and the speakers are #bluetooth so get your #spotifyplaylist linked and get doing the #monstermash. Some ideas for halloween songs or a playlist can be heard here 50 Best Halloween Songs | The Best Halloween Playlist to Stream (

  8. Food - if you are buying remember you need time to prep, need paper plates, cups etc try #asda for some cheap bargs but you could always order in #justeat #dominoes #ubereats

  9. Booze well it depends on your guests favourite tipples make sure they are all #legaldrinkingage and you can either ask people to BYO to save a few pennies but maybe put on a a few #pitchercocktails with a #halloween theme - try out some of these bad boys Top 10 Halloween cocktail recipes - BBC Good Food

  10. So all you need to do now is Book your Cube!

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